Your Relaxing Beach Day at Sand Resorts

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Summer isn’t quite over yet, and you’ll want to have the best day ever while relaxing with those you care about.  Did you know It’s also a really great time to go to Myrtle Beach? With many students going back to school in the coming weeks, the beaches won’t be as crowded. Less of a crowd means you won’t have to fight for a spot and it might not be as noisy, making it the best time to relax!  

Keep it Active

For your beach trip, you’ll want to bring a few, fun items with you like games to play on the beach. Activities like sand volleyball and passing a frisbee around can get you moving to the beat of the beach. You might also want to think about adding a football to the mix to throw back and forth, or if you’ve got young ones, toys like shovels and buckets are perfect for making sand castles! You may even think about an early trip to the beach for some yoga! These activities can be really great for your mind and help you warm up while also cooling down your mind! Let there be zero cares in the world when having fun on the beach. Whether you move and groove, let your activity center your mind, body, and soul.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes the best beach trips are the ones where you have a good book, and you let the waves calm your mind. There is something special about going to the beach and just laying there doing absolutely nothing but soaking up the sun’s rays. For those looking for this option, there is sure to be a spot on the beach for you! Whether you want to get a tan on the sand for a few hours or you’re looking at finding some unique sea shells, keeping it simple is sometimes the best way to go!

No matter what you choose to do while on the beach, enjoy your time at Sands Resorts. Relaxation and fun are key to a great vacation. We often do so much while on a trip to a new place, that when we return home, we wish for a new getaway. Take some time and spend it on the beach. Whether it’s with family, friends, a loved one, or just simply yourself; Myrtle Beach is here to make you whole again. Enjoy the comforts and accommodations of Sands Resorts with our spectacular Ocean Beach Resort Myrtle Beach location and soak up those rays because you deserve a refreshing break before life throws you some whirlwinds again.