Romantic Fall Getaway to an Oceanfront Hotel

myrtle beach resorts, oceanfront hotels in myrtle beach sc, sand dunesSummer is officially coming to a close with the autumn equinox in just a few days time, that means fall will be in full swing along the coast of South Carolina! What better time than right now, to book a trip to one of the fabulous Myrtle Beach resorts at Sands Resorts. Our Oceanfront hotels in Myrtle Beach SC, are excellent for a couples retreat this autumn and you’ll want to be here when the weather cools down, and the romance heats up.

Why Myrtle Beach?

Fall during this time of the year is stunning and we honestly mean it! The weather isn’t too unbearable and as the temps start to turn the crisp harvest air will swirl around you and make for one cozy getaway. Surprisingly enough, the leaves change color at a later date, about two to three weeks behind our northern counterparts of the country and that means you can experience fall here, longer!

Pumpkin spice everything seems to be popping up everywhere, and Halloween items are now on store shelves, but before those festivities begin, Myrtle Beach has other awesome fall festivals you’ll want to bring your loved one too! Check out this list of all the fall festivities you could be apart of when vacationing down south this year.

myrtle beach resorts, oceanfront hotels in myrtle beach sc, sand dunesFall on the Beach

The best part about booking a couples getaway to Sand Dunes Resort one of our fantastic Sands Resorts isn’t just the cozy accommodations, which is pretty amazing, but it’s truly the beach! Our oceanfront hotels in Myrtle Beach SC, get you up close and personal to the soft, sandy beaches where you’ll just love spending time with your significant other. We recommend a day at the beach makes for a beautiful daytime date. Walk hand-in-hand along the shoreline, and find a few of your favorite seashells to bring home. To pack these shells, keep them safe between clothing or in a cloth bag for the ride home. Once back at your house you can fill a shadow box with them or display them in a vase – the perfect little trinket to remember your lovely vacation.

If you’re looking for something to do as the sun sets, there are lots of restaurants to choose from, but if beachside fun is what you want, check out Oceanside 74 Restaurant and Lounge! Brand new to our restaurant repertoire serving up some mouth-watering surf and turf meals. It’s perfect for a date night near the beach!

However, you choose to enjoy your romantic couples getaway make sure it’s to the Sand Dunes Resort along the east coast! Our Oceanfront hotels in Myrtle Beach SC are ideal for couples wanting to get away for a few days and rejuvenate their relationship; it’s also a fantastic place for families as well if you want to bring the kids along. Book your ultimate sands resorts vacation today and spend the fall harvest with us!