Building the Best Castle at the Beach

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If you truly want to elevate your sandcastle making skills, you will need to properly select the right location for the best sand, be equipped with the correct sandcastle tools, and of course have your creative imagination to build your masterpiece. The key is to treat your creation like the work of art that will become a lasting memory.

Before building your masterpiece in the sand, be sure to gather the following helpful tools:

  • A reliable bucket for hauling water
  • Sandcastle molds or shapely containers
  • Something to level the surface – a flat board will do
  • Spray bottle for moistening dry areas of the sand
  • Plastic or wooden utensil for detailed carvings.

While visiting a Sands Resorts, some local beachwear stores will carry sandcastle-making kits. Purchasing one will provide a great start if you don’t have time to gather all of the materials listed above!

When it comes to the location of your sandcastle creation, a fantastic spot for sandcastle-building is the sand that offers firmness and high amounts of moisture—the two most important aspects of the sand you’ll use for building. The beaches along Myrtle Beach’s “Golden Mile” offers ideal castle-crafting conditions! The beaches are wide so it creates both the ideal sandcastle building along with softer dryer areas that make the perfect spots for relaxing and improving your sun tan.

The most important part of building a sandcastle is to expand your imagination. This is important for sandcastle builders of all ages within your team of sandcastle enthusiasts. After all, making sandcastles is one of the best things do to when vacationing at  Sands Resorts!

OK, you’re all set to enjoy a day of building in the sun and most importantly enjoy the time together with friends and family working hand and Sand.

Stay Just Steps Away from Your Beautiful Sandcastle!

Now that you’re envisioning the sandcastle of your dreams, you’ll need a comfortable place to stay! Select one of our oceanfront accommodations at North Shore Oceanfront Hotel or Sand Dunes Resort and relax knowing you’re steps away from the warm, sandy beach. You may even be able to see your creation from your spacious, private balcony! Start thinking now of the best designed sandcastle you can build while enjoying all of the advantages of vacationing at Sands Resorts!

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