The 6 Best Bakeries in Myrtle Beach, SC

Photo of Frosted Cupcakes at a Bakery in Myrtle Beach.South Carolina’s sunny Grand Strand is home to a variety of bakeries, cafes, and confectionaries, many of which stand out amid the sea of options. Our very own North Shore Oceanfront Hotel boasts a small, seasonal bakery, Ocean Sweets, which serves everything from pastries to cookies and ice cream. However, during the winter season, families must strut off-site to enjoy a sweet treat or savory baked delight. Thus, we’ve pieced together a Myrtle Beach bakery guide, complete with our favorite cafe, bagel shop, confectionery, and more!

The Best of Myrtle Beach: Bakeries

The term “bakery” is frustratingly broad, especially if you’re searching for a specific baked good, such as an artisanal cake, cheesy bagel, or mammoth donut. We split our Myrtle Beach bakery guide into six categories: bakery, bagels, cafe, cakes, cupcakes, and donuts. Seemingly every family-owned business in the baking world has a specific focus—something that makes them stand out from the pack. Let’s begin with the best overall bakery: The Market Common’s You Eat I Bake.

Best Bakery: You Eat I Bake

You Eat I Bake’s idyllic location in The Market Common helps its case for Myrtle Beach’s best bakery. But, truthfully, the eclectic mix of offerings, combined with the mouth-watering flavors, is enough to make travelers weep with joy after each bite. Stop in for a cookie, cupcake, brownie, Swiss roll, or a pie to-go.

Best Bagels: Benjamin’s Bakery & Cafe

Yes, Benjamin’s Surfside Beach locale is a wee bit off-the-beaten-path. But those heavenly bagels are worth the journey, especially if you plan to visit Brookgreen Gardens, Wild Water & Wheels, or Huntington Beach State Park.

Best Cafe: Le Bon Cafe & Bakery

While most folks flock to Le Bon for the savory crepes, this Kings Highway staple offers everything from macarons to lattes and breakfast sandwiches. The fresh daily pastries, cinnamon rolls, and cobbler muffins all make perfect pre-shopping fuel for those headed to the Tanger Outlets.

Best Cakes: Sweet Poison Bakery

There are nearly a dozen confectionaries on the Grand Strand, but none of them have as much pizzaz as the guys and gals at Sweet Poison. Browse through their unique cake creations on Facebook, and you’ll quickly understand our obsession.

Best Cupcakes: Coccadots Cake Shop

Trade a slice of cake with a frosty, brilliantly-designed cupcake at Coccadots. They do it all: cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, and so on. But those cupcakes are to-do-for, especially for those of us with a sweet tooth (who doesn’t?).

Photo of Colorful, Frosted Donuts at a Bakery in Myrtle Beach.Best Donuts: Peace Love & Little Donuts

Yes, Peace Love & Little Donuts is a country-wide franchise. However, how could one deny a box of “funkadellic donuts?” Donuts range from Almond Brothers to Robert Brulee and the Shaka Pecan. They’re fun, vibrant, and undeniably delicious!

Oceanfront Resorts in Myrtle Beach, SC

Photo of a Sands Suite, Just Minutes Away from the Best Bakeries in Myrtle Beach.After a brief pit stop at a top-rated bakery in Myrtle Beach, set your sights on the sea. Sand Dunes Resort and North Shore Oceanfront Hotel (neighboring Myrtle Beach resorts) offer a genuinely one-of-a-kind lodging experience, including complimentary water park access, semi-private beach acreage, free parking, unobstructed Atlantic views, pristine accommodations, an on-site arcade, a blacklight mini-golf course, and surprising affordability. 

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The Smokiest BBQ in Myrtle Beach: Finger-Lickin’ Deliciousness

House-smoked, Southern-style BBQ has a way of awakening the animal inside us all. There’s something overwhelmingly alluring about the smell of smoked pork, especially when it’s billowing out of an old-school Mom and Pop shop on the outskirts of sunny Myrtle Beach. Artisanal BBQ sauce can make anything taste like gold. No utensils are necessary—it’s just you and that rack of ribs or super-stuffed brisket sandwich, globbed with a sweet and sassy sauce. While the Grand Strand is widely regarded as a coastal haven, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find mouth-watering BBQ in Myrtle Beach at nearly every turn. Sands Resorts’ fleet of villas, suites, and condos line the city’s North Shore, only minutes away from a tray of saucy, smoky meats, creamy mac and cheese, Grandma’s baked beans, and, you guessed it, fried okra.

Photo of a Tray of BBQ in Myrtle Beach.The Best Smoked BBQ in Myrtle Beach

While you tie an adult-sized BBQ bib around your neck (you’re going to need it), it’s important to note that the tastiest BBQ in Myrtle Beach is readily available for curbside pick-up. However, if you’re in the mood for a no-frills, down-to-earth dining experience, feel free to arrive unannounced. The smoky goodness will enter your nostrils immediately and nearly bring you to tears. Alright, enough preamble—it’s time to run through the three best BBQ joints on the Grand Strand, starting with North Myrtle Beach’s “Brisket.”


Texas transplant Jeff Vallancey knows a thing or two about Southern BBQ. He had the gall to name his restaurant “Brisket”—nothing more, nothing less. And it worked. People instinctively flocked to this rustic, Texas-style outpost in search of the most tender brisket in South Carolina. Vallancey’s custom-made BBQ pit holds up to 750 pounds of meat at one time. Sauce doesn’t touch the brisket until the tray is laid out in front of you. At that point, you get to decide between four house-made sauces. And you really cannot go wrong.

Pop Pop’s Pit BBQ

Pop Pop’s is sleeker, saucier, and sassier than Brisket. The spice level can be amped up to 11 if you so desire. Meanwhile, you’ll be happy to discover a variety of eats on Pop Pop’s extensive menu, including racks of ribs, bowls (for those on a diet), extra-large brisket sandwiches, girthy wings, and, of course, family-style meals complete with all of the fixin’s. Pop Pop’s has locations in Myrtle Beach (near Socastee) and Murrells Inlet, perfect for those who are visiting the Grand Strand’s southern rim, with stops at Brookgreen Gardens, Myrtle Beach State Park, or TPC Myrtle Beach.

Simply Southern Smokehouse

Simply Southern is a straightforward, buffet-style eatery that slings grub tasting a lot like Grandma’s home-cookin’. The concept is relatively simplistic: you’ll grab a plate and choose between nine sides, a bevy of entrees, and an ice-cold beverage. Then repeat. Leave room for dessert, because Simply Southern crafts some of the yummiest peach cobbler in Horry County. We recommend visiting during dinner hours (after 4 p.m.) when the smothered BBQ ribs arrive.

Family-Friendly Oceanfront Hotels in Myrtle Beach

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The Best Sushi in Myrtle Beach, SC

As we shift our focus from summer to fall and winter, droves of travelers begin to rethink their dining habits. Beachside fare is swapped for warm, hearty meals and, according to Japanese restaurant trends, sushi, ideally served at room temperature. The best sushi in Myrtle Beach is readily available near the sea, as well as many of the most popular attractions, such as the SkyWheel, the Market Common, and Broadway at the Beach. The folks here at Sands Resorts love maki rolls, sashimi, and Butajiru just as much as the next person; thus, we’ve collected a shortlist of our three favorite Japanese restaurants, all in the heart of the city.

Photo of Four People Enjoying the Tastiest Sushi in Myrtle Beach.The Tastiest Sushi in Myrtle Beach

Sifting through nearly two dozen top-rated Japanese restaurants wasn’t a walk in the park. At the end of the day, we believe that these eateries offer the very best sushi in Myrtle Beach (and the entire Grand Strand, for that matter). Per usual, you’ll be met by sleek architecture, colorful decor, and warm hospitality.

1. CO Sushi

Yes, CO has seven locations in the Southeastern U.S. Still, it’s impossible to deny the unique flavor combinations, fused with the open-air seating, the opulent bar, and the Market Common locale. Happy Hour entices loads of locals and tourists alike, especially with maki rolls sitting at $4 a pop. It’s also one of the only joints in the area to offer poke bowls (done right, we might add). The maze gohan rice, which includes fresh edamame, blends well with the pickled carrots, avocado, and seafood of choice, particularly the poke tuna.

2. King Kong Sushi

King Kong is larger than life, and Myrtle Beach’s most beloved Japanese restaurant is no different. Surprising to no one, King Kong is often awarded the best sushi in Myrtle Beach by regional publications. Patrons will discover Japanese fusion cuisines, calming decor, and a dimly-lit atmosphere—and you cannot beat the Broadway at the Beach location. We highly recommend the specialty maki, such as the “Lava Roll,” a crab-avocado-cucumber concoction that’s topped with escolar and a house-made lava sauce.

3. ART Burger Sushi Bar

Burgers and sushi under one roof? It’s not often that mammoth Angus burgers and fresh seafood delights, such as eel, shrimp, and salmon, grace the same tabletop. But ART isn’t your typical Japanese restaurant. Although ART slings some of the tastiest sushi in Myrtle Beach, many patrons opt for the innovative, iron-branded burgers. However, the vibrant maki rolls are simply to-die-for. And the unique, bar-like atmosphere adds a little extra flair, as do the house-made cocktails.

Oceanic View from a Sand Dunes Condo, Just Minutes from the Best Sushi in Myrtle Beach.Finding a Suitable Ocean Resort in Myrtle Beach

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