Hall of Heroes Tribute

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Sands Resorts is dedicated to paying tribute to the men and women who have made our country great and will always provide a service and atmosphere that promotes and enhances the American Spirit and fosters a dedication to freedom for all.The Hall of Heroes is designed to celebrate the Freedom given to us by all the men and women represented throughout the history of our country and its conflicts.

The centerpiece of the Hall of Heroes exhibit is a scaled replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, complete with all 58,253 names. Other displays include Founding Documents, Information about Each War/Conflict, a Korean War Display, a Flag Display, and educational information on wars and those who fought them.

The second largest part of the tribute is a Gold Dog Tag Display honoring those that died in hostile action from the end of the Vietnam War until 9-11, as well as those who have died in the Global War on Terror. Each gold dog tag is inscribed with Name, Rank, Branch of Service, Date of Casualty and Location.

Other displays include:
Name and location of the 2,984 Americans who perished in the attack on 9-11.
A panel where individuals can have a dog tag made in tribute of a loved one.

The Hall of Heroes is open daily at 9:00am.

Contact (843) 692-5265 or (843) 692-5100 for more information.